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Church of St. Euphemia

This Venetian Baroque building and the largest monument in the city was restored between 1725 and 1736. The outside length of the church is 51.11 m and its width is 30.26 m. The central nave is 17.71 m high, whereas the other two are 10.11 m high. At the site where this impressive church stands today, the Chapel of St. George (Sv. Juraj) had been located until the 10th century. St. George remained the co-patron of the parish. His statue decorates the main altar of the parish church.
When in 800 the sarcophagus containing the body of the Christian martyr Euphemia was brought into the city, the citizens of the surrounding settlements came to visit the tomb of St. Euphemia. The construction of the bell tower started on December 3, 1651 when the founding stone was placed. It was constructed according to the architectural design by Milanese architect Alessandro Monopola. It should have been just like the one of the Church of St. Mark in Venice.
The construction lasted 26 years. The large copper statue of St. Euphemia, by the Vallani brothers from Maniago, was set up at the top of the bell tower in 1758 where a wooden statue destroyed by thunder in 1756 used to be. The statue was fixed so that it turns on its bearings around its axis by the strength of wind. It was restored thoroughly in 1834 after being severely damaged by thunder.


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