Rovinj Rovigno

Important Information

Sailing Permit

  • All yachts must have a registration (permit) issued by the Port Authority of Rovinj (tel: 00385/52/811-132).
  • Prior to entering or leaving the Republic of Croatia, a verified list of crewmembers and passengers must be submitted to the border crossing authority. The registration is issued every time a vessel sails into Croatia or is brought to the country by land. It is valid one year from the date of issue.
  • Rubber boats up to three meters in length with engines of up to 4 HP do not have to be registered.

Powerboat Driving

  • Powerboat driving is allowed at the distance of 300 m from the coast of the mainland and the islands, except in locations where it is strictly forbidden.
  • Scooters may be driven at the distance of 300 m from the coast of the mainland and the islands, except in locations where it is strictly forbidden.

Important Information for Boat Owners

  • Row boats, boards for sailing and windsurfing, canoes, kayaks, gondolas, paddle boats and pedal boats may get near the shore in less than 50 meters, while beach yachts and boats must sail at a distance larger than 50 meters from the fence of the regulated beach and 150 meters from the coast of the natural beach.
  • Bathers may swim up to a 100 meters from the coast! Before you sail out, make sure you check the weather conditions. If the forecast is unfavorable, it is best not to sail out at all! Do not sail without an anchor of the appropriate weight, a rope, at least 50 m long, and other necessary equipment.
  • If you get stung by a fish, suck out the blood immediately and keep the affected part of the body in hot water. Seek medical help as soon as possible.
  • It is strictly forbidden to discharge into the sea at the territory of the Port of the City of Rovinj oily and polluted water, waste oil, or any other oily or crude substances.
  • Sailing or floating vessels may empty their storages of solid and liquid waste, oily water, feces and the rest of the cargo off the boat, as well as other substances that pollute the maritime domain, only at designated places in or outside the port where there are appropriate devices to receive such substances. Please contact the Port Authority of the City of Rovinj at 814-166.

Weather Forecast

  • Please contact the Port Authority at 052/811-132. Weather forecast is visibly displayed at the office of the Port Authority, Rovinj, Obala P. Budicina 1.


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